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Knitted neck straps?

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I am sure it is possible, but use a durable material that won't flex/ stretch a lot. It will also need some sort of adjustment mechanism and a good solid hook to hold the horn. You can search around for average weights of different saxes...I think tenors tend to range from 7.5-8.5 pounds.

You might just make something great and become an innovator in the saxophone strap world. Who knows?
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My sister doesn't drink beer, eh!
Tequilla? :)

I'm sure a woolen neck strap is possible.

Are you a good knitter? I think to make something of sufficient strength would probably result in an overly warm neck. Perhaps you could do a woolen harness instead?
My sister drinks tequila 3 or 4 times a year, but she tries to drink the least quantity possible.

I'm good at knitting, eh!
Well tell her from me that she needs to drink a bit more. Especially if she's going to cope with you and your incessant knitting. :):mrgreen:
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