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Kinstar sop?

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Anybody have any experience with Kinstar sopranos? Google search shows a guy near L.A. that sells them and then a lot of sites in German, but that's it. Looking for any kind of info on quality and design.

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I bought a used Kinstar soprano a few years back for fun. In fact I never did figure out what the brand was until last weekend when a friend read the name for me. The letters are a bit stylized on the bell. So today I searched on the web and came up with your web question. As far as I can tell from other posts it is a Taiwanese horn. Another poster mentioned issues with burbling in the lower register, this is true you do have to use a lot of support to get clean low notes and the intonation is a bit rough (but for me it always is, so it may not be the horn). If you can get one cheap it might be fun to play with but mine at least would not be good as a regular horn or for a student. I had the horn service at a shop that is very good with saxophones so I know the lower register issue is not a leaky pad or something of that sort. When I bought mine they threw in a Selmer C** mouthpiece so that also helped make the purchase easier.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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