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Kings Tenor saxophone

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Dear saxophone fans, I have a Kings tenor saxophone that I have no information about. I suspect it is an East German instrument from the 1970s. Not a masterpiece but in good condition. If anyone can give me more information about Kings saxphones, I would really appreciate it. Greetings Marc


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Yup an Orsi...a fairly late one given the teardrop bell brace...probably early 1970's-ish. You see a lot of these stenciled for Linton.

They have a beautiful tone, they blow with a little resistance, their key action and ergos are ...OK, acceptable...but I'd rather have a 16M or Indiana in my hands in that respect. Their intonation in the upper register can be a bit flexy for a player who does not have a well-developed embouchure.

In great, playable shape ? Maybe a $600 Tenor. As a project, not playing up and down ? $250 tops.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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