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You will not get $1200-1500 for one in fixed-up condition here in the us. I can guarantee you that.

These are nice, that's a '39...I have sold a few of these. They are wonderful horns. The problem is, there has been enough talk that Kings didn't really begin to shine until the body redesign which spawned the middle Zephyr to S20 period, that the value and reputation of the earlier horns has been tarnished (undeservedly).

That talk is a shame....because it presupposes that only the turbo-charged tone a'la S20 or Zeph special is the "signature" King sound. S20 fans tend to hold court in online conversation regarding King if they made only one or two good models (just look at the # of threads in this section which aren't about S20's). That's also too bad...or good, depending on how you wanna look at it.

These earlier horns (am talking the VT-II as well) were of a different sonic paradigm, but they are very, very sweet. No, they will not blow the doors off. Much breath-ier and smokier sounding than their later cousins. But they are still big-toned. Every person who has ever tried one here (even if they came over with the intention of buying a different horn) has really, really liked the early Zephs and the VT-II's...they thought them very unique and beautiful-sounding horns. I left the last VT-II video up on my site for a long time after the horn sold because it's sound was just so singular (it's down now).

Now...the horn doesn't sound like a "project" to me. It sounds like it was kept in pretty good which case, as you said, it probably won't NEED a repad, but just some pads, some tweaks, and a good regulation.

These will sell in playing shape for about $800-1000 these days, this market (one which ain't gonna be changing anytime soon, we might as well come to terms with that). So, figure what you have to pay your tech, the price you got it for, and the market value if you offer it up.

The ergos are something which takes maybe 3 weeks to get under your fingers....
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