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Alto king Super 20

So that's what I've been playing on for years. I may be interested in selling . . . . need an oboe. I got to tell ya, it's still the best sounding alto sax I've heard in a long time, easy to play and looks so cool, silver neck and all. So is it really so rare? my serial # is 278xxx, pearl keys, silver neck, beautiful etching on bell and notes, great sound! How much are these horns going for?

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I have an King Zephyr Alto 1953-5 and am looking to replace three parts but want them to be original:
1. 2x single key guards
2. 1x double key guard
3. a guard that is connected to both parts of U shaped body (sorry I don't know the technical term)

I am located in Toronto, Ontario.

Does anyone have a suggestion of who I could contact for original parts?

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I have an King Zephyr Alto 1953-5 and am looking to replace three parts ..........
Welcome to Sax on the web!

Probably this is not the best way to post your ad, why don't you try the " for sale" section ?

It won't be easy to find parts, especially because you are talking of the older run of the Zephyrs. I am afraid that such parts are not readily available but you can always try at

Allied Music Supply
510 S. HWY H
P.O. BOX 288
Elkhorn, WI 53121

to me your best bet is to find a donor horn , but even that won't be easy
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