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King Super 20 Tenor

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Hello all, new to the forums here....

I'm trying to ascertain the value of my Super 20 Tenor that I've owned for the last 18 years for possible sale. Serial #376958. Silver neck. At some point before I bought it (in High School) its been relacquered. Pads in pretty decent shape, playable although a serious cat would probably want to put in on a bench. No original case (I used to have it, it got lost a while back) but I have it in a hardshell SKB case.

I'm happy to answer any other questions or take any other pics as necessary.


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value is always difficult to determine because it depends on many factors one being where you are trying to sell your saxophone. So the value of your horn in the USA would be different from the value of your horn is Australia ( Germany, Japan,U,K.) for instance.

In my country, the Netherlands, a horn like yours would probably cost around the 3000€ (on account of the fact that it has been relacquered) if sold privately , probably more 3500€ if it would be sold by a shop. That is if the horn would be completely repadded or with perfectly sealing pads.

But in this day and age not many people have the cash to spend on a horn like this so you might have to be patient if you have one for sale.
I've sold a not repadedd super 20 Eastlake with a brass neck for 2000€ but it took almost 2 years to find a buyer who came from Belgium (where vintage horns seem to be very scarce indeed).
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