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king silversonic

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I have a king silversonic trumpet, 416 XXX made by the H N white company cleveland,ohio. Is this a super 20? What is it worth? its original with a resolder on one bell brace.Is this a jazz horn?
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Hmm. Well, this isn't a trumpet thread, but I'd say yes, and hell yes, and who knows what it's worth. But I'm only a sax player.
The Super 20 trumpets will SAY Super 20 in the engraving, just like on the saxes. They put the Sterling "Silversonic' bells on a few different models. Most likely it is a Liberty model, or 2B Liberty model
Thankyou, it must be a liberty as it doesn't say super 20 on the bell.Its pretty fancy. Any idea's on the value, its pristine except for one brace resolder and a small flat spot on the curved part of the bell, not really easy to pick but its there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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