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King Series VI Silversonic Alto

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I found a Series VI Silversonic Alto in extremely good condition. I’d like to hear your opinions on these horns as I never had one in hands before.

Thanks a lot,
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I come across often these silversonic. Very often in extemely good conditions ( and one has to wonder why they are in such good conditions!).:bluewink:

I have had two not so good experiences with two altos of this series (one silversonic one regular S20) while I have tried two tenors (one silversonic) and they were not very different from my Eastlake tenor (despite the different neck).

Regardless, the market regards these late ( post Eastlake, they have only USA on the bell) S20 and Silversonic as being worth much less than a Cleveland or Eastlake.

Right or wrong this is what the market is at.

I have to say that I I were to find a Silversonic tenor of this series at a very good price I’d buy it.

In any case try it, if you like intonation and price, go for it.
Cheers Christian, My experience can differ from yours that’s why I say try.

The price is in line with what people often ask for these USA while a Cleveland or an Eastlake would be considerably more.

I don’t know if I may interest you in my 6M ladyface :)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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