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King Cleveland 615 Tenor

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Hi. I am new to sax playing and this forum, which has proven a very trustworthy source of info. My first horn is a King Cleveland 615 Tenor serial 703651. I know this isn't a vintage or pro horn. I am not sure if this is a continuation of the SML line or not. Does anyone have any info / experience with this horn? I have been playing for a couple weeks (already a musician - but this is my first attempt at woodwinds), and am getting my embouchure together (using rico royal 2 reeds), I am wondering what is good mouthpeice for this horn . I won't be doing any classical playing, so something with a good amount of edge, and a strong altissimo would be nice. I was looking at experimenting with the grafonites, since they are only $15. Also, does a nicer ligature really improve the sound / playability of the horn? The pads have a little button reso on them, which pads would brighten up the c# / d (ok) range? What was the approx. retail on these tenors when they came out. I catch that they were student models, but better made than some of the current ones? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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Welcome to Saxophone!

Try the B5 Rico Royal Graftonite, or the Bari Esprit (Bari is a brand name, not just meaning baritone sax), or the Runyon Model 22. All of these should give you a solid sound on your very good tenor without spending a ton of money.

As others have said, worry about ligatures much later.

The matching alto, King 613, was a solid student horn with strong capabilities, too. I wouldn't hesitate to use either on a gig if my usual horns were out of commission.

Enjoy the journey, and let us help any way we can. SOTW forum is a great resource of experienced players and working pros mixed with hobbyists.

Sax Magic
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