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King 615 tenors (and 613 alto) practically don't sell over here (if not for very low prices). I have had them both in fine playing conditions and general looks and both times I ended up trading or part trading the horn. The alto , rare silver plate finish, was offered from a Shop in consignment for a price of 600 euro for one year and nobody bought it.

I really could buy them often for very little but I know that I will keep them forever without selling them. They are generally not worth repadding because they will never get you the money back that you invest in the operation, unless you do it yourself.

This is the value situation in my part of the world.

When it comes to being a good sounding horn, they certainly are. In spite of the rather crude and unsophisticated mechanics they are good horns, big ballsy sound.

Would I choose any Chinese horn over a King 615? No, not any horn, but a good one? Maybe. I will certaily look for other less popular but well made second hand horns to replace this one. You cannot go wrong with a Vito Yamaha in playing condition or indeed a Yamaha itself (although I probably prefer the sound of the King).
Vito Leblanc horns are worth very little too but they are great horns.

But your son, probably, wants a bit of that case I would definitely consider some good bling and a Bauhaus Walstein might be what you could well play. Perhaps a new second hand reconditioned one? They are out there and don't cost much.
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