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Key Leaves in Canada

Exchange rates and shipping can sometimes make items inconvenient to bring to Canada. If you're looking for Key Leaves in Canada, St. John's has them, at least the alto/tenor/bari models. Not yet the soprano model.

I bought them for my alto a couple of weeks ago and here are my thoughts.

Before Key Leaves, my C# would stick badly. In the past I've asked my tech shop to see if they can increase the spring strength on C# which they did, but, it would stick. Even after 'unsticking' (pull open the key) during play, a slight delay would occur playing the C#, almost like a grace note C before the C# would pop out.

After a couple of weeks using Key Leaves, the sticking did go away. I can press down on the C# key with my hand and it won't stick. So, from that point of view, they work as advertised .

As for the question 'Are they worth it?" There seems to be two paths to look at.

1) If you look at only the product and the price, it might be hard to justify. After all, it is a small piece of rubber that you might be able to craft yourself out of cork or whatever, at a lower price.

2) I look at it as solving a problem. In my view $20 to solve this problem is easily justifiable. Sure, I could try and make my own of of cork or whatever but fact is, I didn't and won't. Even if I did, it wouldn't look as nice. To me, paying $20 to alleviate this annoyance of sticking C# is well worth it.

Would I buy it again? Yes, and I'm trying to. My soprano doesn't stick on the C# but rather G#. My local music store is trying to get the soprano Key Leaves in and I'll pick one up when I can.
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