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Key Guard Felt Bumpers

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This will be my first attempt at replacing a couple of felt key guard bumpers. (hope that is correct terminology) Wish me luck. Ordered a bag Valentino self stick bumpers and "hoping" this will be an easy fix. Planning to remove the key guard for the replacement. Any tips or watch-out-fors?


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Interesting. I have not seen self stick ones before. I checked on line and these are 1/4" diameter. Regular sax bumper felts are 3/8 or 5/16. I don't know if these will fit too loose or not. I am assuming you are putting them in the adjusting screws that go in the key guard. I typically just remove the screws rather than take the entire key guard off. It is usually possible to use the old felts as a guide to know how long they should be, unless of course they are missing. I like to make the felts the exact length that allows the adjusting screw to be flush with the top of the guard. To me it looks better that way. To cut the felts to length I chuck the screw with the felt installed into my bench motor and use a single edge razor blade while it is spinning to make a clean, perpendicular cut. If you don't have a bench motor, a cordless drill in a vice makes a good "poor man's" substitute.
Thanks for the info. I "assumed they were different diameters so I'll see if they work, if not, I know what to look for. I have rubber bumpers in there now and they are too noisy but at least they are protecting my keys.
Got these in the mail today and there are different lengths and diameters. Fit my Cannonball perfectly and they are peel and stick. No glue required.
Feel like some synthetic material.
The smallest diameter bumper was a very tight fit and a bear to install. Once in, and after a few days and hours of practice, I tried pulling it out. Not a chance. Maybe in time, but I have spares.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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