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Key Adjusting Pliers.

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This tool must have been discussed, or reviewed, on here somewhere but so far my searches have drawn a blank. These pliers look as though they could be very useful for a bit of gentle tweaking. I'm thinking about buying but before I do it would be great to hear anyone's experience of using them. How well do they work ? Better than a set of levers ? If there is already a review on the forum a link would be appreciated. Thanks.
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If those are plastic jaws, non-removable, then pretty well no use that I can think of.
On the other hand, similar pliers with smooth steel jaws (both standard and narrow) are fairly useful for rather specific tasks. I'd say about 30th down a list of repair stuff to get. Or about 6th down a list of plier tools.

As far as parallel-jaw ones go, I consider these a lot more useful:

I haven't seen this site before. Is it operated by somebody here?
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CAn you "edit" it, either adding a comment &/or removing most of the contents. All if you are allowed.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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