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Key Adjusting Pliers.

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This tool must have been discussed, or reviewed, on here somewhere but so far my searches have drawn a blank. These pliers look as though they could be very useful for a bit of gentle tweaking. I'm thinking about buying but before I do it would be great to hear anyone's experience of using them. How well do they work ? Better than a set of levers ? If there is already a review on the forum a link would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Mate, you shouldnt post the same question in two seperate threads.
Yes, I realise that but these are saxophone key pliers I'm asking about and I put the first thread in "other woodwind" by mistake and could see no way of deleting it. Thank you for your other comment. Gordon has said much the same as you regarding the usefulness of this tool.
"I put the first thread in "other woodwind" by mistake and could see no way of deleting it."

CAn you "edit" it, either adding a comment &/or removing most of the contents. All if you are allowed.
Yes, thank you Gordon. Apart from not putting the thread there in the first place what should I have done was edited away all of the text and then left a message directing anyone interested in replying, to my second thread, in the correct sub-forum. My "more practicing, less posting" policy that has resulted in only 126 posts in 5 years means I'm still very capable of making **** ups on here. Away, thanks for your, and the other members' advice regarding the pliers. I'll have to find another way of wasting $65.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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