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here i am again, a drummer coming into a sax forum to exitedly tell you of my discoveries . i mean, id rather hip sax players or bass players or guitar piano trumpet players to these new things im finding because i will be and have been playing them with you all , not other drummers hahaha

so, i brought in , on another thread , the ketu codes in jazz history , which the early jazz didnt even have drums so it definitly was for all instruments. my reason for wanting to show you all these grooves is, i think they are really great to play over and especialy write music for new aproaches and grooves

in this clip, im showing how these ketu candomble beats , which are the beats to the afro brazilian religious practice of ketu candomble , again reveal origins and secrets of how american culture developed its incredable grooves in backbeat culture . rock , rhythm and blues, funk ( all these have sax history too, which means phrasing and that is where you could pick up some tricks from these beats), and hip hop , disco / electric dance etc ketu is done with sticks and that is where i started seeing the similarities to sticking in drum set for grooves in backbeat culture ( and especialy the jazz like i showed in the other thread). why ? its the same people looking to express their culture in the americas while having it banned and destroyed. so there are similarities big time and unique differances that make each idiom and dance unique

i think you will hear similarities to blues shuffles, shuggle funk, new orleans funk like the meters, fusion funk, fast rock , blues in three or six, etc

the fact i am playing the exact sticking of pi and le and bell with actual ketu candomble players on atabaque and bell , with me throwing in back beat, and it sounds as locked as it does, in itself tells you something is going on of interest
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