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Kessler Custom 50/50 Mouthpiece .... Anyone?

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Does anyone who plays alto sax have a Kessler 50/50 NY mouthpiece? If so, do they play as well as they say? And, would they work well with a soft Fibracell synthetic reed? Altho the 50/50 is not their most expensive piece, I have heard that it is easy to play (free-blowing) and has a lot of power and volume, and can easily play from low to high notes. Can anyone tell me if they have had this experience?

Thanks a heap!!

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Candy: I have two Kessler mouthpieces for alto and one for tenor. I like the tenor piece and use it on mine. I don't play the two alto pieces because I have others that I favor. The Kessler splay okay, though.

This should mean nothing to you because no one here can tell you anything about a piece that transfers to your embouchure. Everyone is different and it doesn't matter AT ALL what anyone else thinks or feels about any mouthpiece. DAVE
Right on! Then, report back to us what you found. Enjoy the shop, by the way - always a fun place to visit when in Las Vegas (and no slot machines in sight!). DAVE
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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