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Kessler Custom 50/50 Mouthpiece .... Anyone?

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Does anyone who plays alto sax have a Kessler 50/50 NY mouthpiece? If so, do they play as well as they say? And, would they work well with a soft Fibracell synthetic reed? Altho the 50/50 is not their most expensive piece, I have heard that it is easy to play (free-blowing) and has a lot of power and volume, and can easily play from low to high notes. Can anyone tell me if they have had this experience?

Thanks a heap!!

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I tried one and didn't like it all that much, but I did like their upper end pieces on tenor. They were very well made and actually played a bit better than the "V" Links. (In fact, I'm thinking about getting another one.) It's really hard to say whether a particular mouthpiece will work with a particular strength of a particular reed. It depends on your embrouchure, level of ability, etc.
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