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Kessler Custom 50/50 Mouthpiece .... Anyone?

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Does anyone who plays alto sax have a Kessler 50/50 NY mouthpiece? If so, do they play as well as they say? And, would they work well with a soft Fibracell synthetic reed? Altho the 50/50 is not their most expensive piece, I have heard that it is easy to play (free-blowing) and has a lot of power and volume, and can easily play from low to high notes. Can anyone tell me if they have had this experience?

Thanks a heap!!

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CandyHearts said:
Thank you, Everyone! I know it is ultimately my decision, I was just kinda wondering what other's experience might be. I drive down to the Vegas airport tomorrow to pick up my boys, and thought I would leave early and stop in at Kessler Music to try out a mouthpiece or 2 .... right now all I have are a couple student mouthpieces -- one King and one Runyan. My sax is a vintage Martin alto.

Thanks for your input!!

Candy :)
Now yer talkin' - go give them a try. Depending on how close they meet your needs, a short trial may be adequate. To really determine how a "close candidate" mouthpiece works for you, you have to play it for a while over a period of days or weeks. Let us know how it works out.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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