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Keilwerth SX90 silver alto

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Hi there. I've got a silver Keilwerth SX90 (NOT SX90R) alto sax. The thing is that i cant find it anywhere on the web. All i keep getting is the SX90R. The serial number is 120744. Any help on this horn would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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I think $2000 would be too much for it, since I could buy a brand new lacquered one for that. Besides the fact that not many folks are keeping the new SX90s they bought even at $2k -- that surprises me a bit. JK has a good reputation, generally, but recent trends aren't bearing it out. The Rs have the notorious tone hole 'non-issue', so the the 90s seemed a safer bet, yet WWBW can't seem to find buyers that won't stop returning them. Curious.
Put up more pics, clips, and info and list in SOTW at $2000. It's a good looking horn and there is a good following for Keilwerths. You may find yourself lowering the price, but that's how it tends to go on SOTW...

Good luck with it!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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