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keilwerth sx 90 on absolute resin 110

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Hi, i've made a recording using my new baritone: a keilwerth sx 90 (low Bb) and an absolute mouthpiece 110 in resin.
Absolute mouthpieces are made by the italian artisan marco pozzo.
My keilwerth was customized by the previous owner, that delaquered it and soldered the high F# hole.
The mouthpiece reminds me of a good berg larsen for its muscular tone, but is less bright and smoother sounding.
It has a small rollover baffle and a bullet chamber, the resisance is medium.
I've played a free improvisation on "ask me now" changes, a tune that I love playing so much, especially on baritone.
Hope you enjoy it :
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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