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With bated breath I finally got up the courage to start doing some changes to the neck of my black SX90II sop that for those not following the discussions had real challenges with initiating the palm key notes. One step at a time - I am starting at the top and working down the neck....gulp

The insert that the mouthpiece mounts onto is about 1.75 mm thick and the top end was only had the corner relived not shaped. I (can't believe I actually did this:tsk:) put a small diameter rounding bit about 4,, radius and shaped the edge of the material to that curve. Not perhaps the ideal curvature but it's all I had and I thought much better than a blunt edge.

After I had roughed it in, being impatient to try it .....I put the neck on and tried to play the palm key notes. Easier to get but quirky as heck ..... really easy to get higher partials. I started thinking Oh nooooo what did I do.......[rolleyes] however I persevered to finish this step and have now smoothed the curve to 400 grit. Now the higher partial thing is way less of a problem and the palm key notes are again another step easier to start and I think perhaps a little less work to intonate corrrectly.

It will now be a while before I get it to glass smooth using in the end .5 micron polishing compound but I think this first step is a positive one.:whistle:
Next i will figure out how I can eliminate the step at the other end of the mouthpiece mounting insert. Once that is done and polished then I will hone the tapered tenon to match the bore.

At each step I will report back.
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