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Keilwerth/ Bundy Special question

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Does anyone have a Bundy Special or other Keilwerth stencil baritone that could send me a picture of the neck. I have a neck that I think is one but I want to confirm.Thanks VERY MUCH !
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I sold one on eBay not too long ago; take a look:
terjeo, Thank you VERY MUCH ! That is exactly what I needed to know and I sure didn't expect to find out in 23 minutes.
I got the neckless horn in today and fortunately my neck is a perfect fit, even the lacquer color is correct. The bad news is the horn is in worse shape than I thought but nothing I can't fix. rolled tone holes. I now notice that terjeo's horn didn't have them either.I know the German Bundy tenors had them.Maybe it's because this one said "Bundy" but not "Bundy Special"?Oh well, it'll make it easier to level the bad ones. Does anybody play one of these? How are they?
I don't own one, but I played the school's keilwerth bundy for a semester in symphonic band, and had it home all last summer. Even though the thing was in bad shape, bell to body pushed in and leaks aplenty, it had quite a sound. It seems like I can play much louder on that than I can with the Yani Vito, but that may be just my hearing. It also seemed alot clearer around the octave switch at G/A than the Vito or my Mexiconn. Maybe with the new bari they're getting next year I can convince them to sell it to me.
I have one of these baris (serial # 43xxx) that I bought for next to nothing. According to Saxpics there was never a Bundy Special baritone made. The Bundy/Keilwerth is a series IV Keilwerth Newking stencil.
Mine was in unbelievably bad condition when I got it. Bowed about 4 degrees forward in the body, neck completely crushed on the top, lower half of the tube was oval shaped, bow brace was bearly attached to the horn. Yet despite this- WHAT A SOUND! It totally filled the room and turned heads wherever I took it. People were constantly coming up to me and commenting on my baritone sound and couldn't believe it when they saw the horn up close.
After playing it for 12 months I took the plunge and had it completely restored. The job took about 5 months and cost a lot, but was worth every cent. These Keilwerth baritone tubes have the potential to resonate and vibrate on every note you play.
Check out the pics here............ Bundy baritone/
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I have just finished re building my 397xx and agree awesome horn ! What MP do you use ? This is with Graftonite 5
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