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Keeping Reeds Clean

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I have problems keeping my reeds clean, any suggestions
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When you are done, make sure you take them off the mouthpiece and put it in a reedguard. If they still are dirty when you do this everytime, it is time to throw it away.
i soak them in listerene to break them in and once or twice when they get mucky, it kills the bacteria, stops bacteria and other crud going down the sax, tastes ok, and seems to make the reeds perform better
Matt C said:
I have problems keeping my reeds clean, any suggestions
My suggestion is don't worry about it? unless its going in some other unclean environment other than your which case stop doing that!

Seriously, for the length of time a reed lasts, what are you worried about. Wipe it down, stick it in a reed case till you use it again. You aren't going to catch anything you don't already have.

FWIW, Listerine is full of Alcohol, which I expect wont do anything for the longevity and humidity level of a reed.
Dilute hydrogen peroxide works well.
i use the alcohol free listerene mouthwash
Matt C said:
I have problems keeping my reeds clean, any suggestions
You can wash reeds with plain old soap and water. The fibres become clogged after a while. I sometimes give them a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush, warm water and soap. Pay attention to the back of the reed. Can sometimes bring 'em back to life for a while.
I just stick mine under the faucet and rub the funky slime off with my thumb and forefinger and water. Do this after everytime you play, then put it in a special reed case[as opposed to keeping it on the mpc or sleeve it came in].
Use drugstore hydrogen peroxide and a soft toothbrush to clean them every few uses. Clean the Reedguard every so often, too. The clamps are removable for cleaning.
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Clean reeds? Why?

The best reeds I've every played were medium to dark brown with black specks and green or black on the under side. Just re-wet with your mouth, wipe it on your jeans and you are ready to play.
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