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Hi, this is Kane Lee, the market director of Kanee Music, my honor to introduce one of our Custom alto pieces here, named "Custom Z5".

It was kindly reviewed by Steve Neff, "As you would expect, this mouthpiece is the brightest of the three Kanee custom alto mouthpieces I tried. If you look at the pictures above you can see that it has a rather high long baffle that rolls down into a medium chamber. The effect of a higher baffle like this is that the air is sped up which makes the tone brighter and more powerful sounding. On many high baffle mouthpieces this brightness can sit on the edge of being harsh and unbearable if the mouthpiece maker makes it too high and long. This mouthpiece doesn't have that problem. It is indeed brighter than most alto mouthpieces I have played but it's controllable and the tone is nice and fat sounding. I could see playing an R&B or rock gig on this piece but you can hear on the clip where I could lay back and play some jazz lines."

Please feel free to listen Steve's clip at

Anyone who have interest to review this model, are welcome to participate our Kanee pass around hold at, and you can find more reviews made by SOTWers already here.

[email protected]
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