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Hi, this is Kane Lee, the market director of Kanee Music, my honor to introduce one of our Custom tenor pieces here, named "Custom O7".

It was kindly reviewed by Steve Neff, "This mouthpiece was a complete joy for me to play. It played great with a Java #3 reed and it really played amazingly with my Marc Jean ligature which seemed to brighten it up nicely for my tastes. It has a darker hard rubber link type sound to it that could get some nice volume when I pushed it. It didn't get too much brighter when played loud but kept that nice fat dark core that was nice and rich sounding to me. I loved the texture of the sound. It was dark but had a crispness to it that was cool. The baffle and chamber do remind me in many ways of a slant Otto Link. You can see the slight rollover baffle in the picture. After the slight baffle the baffle angles into the chamber at a stady rate of decline almost to the rear of the chamber. The tip and the rails look even and balanced and I had no problems at all with any of the reeds I used on it. The shank of the mouthpiece has a brass ring around it which I always like to see on a hard rubber mouthpiece.

To be honest, I was quite surprised by this piece. I wasn't sure what to expect coming from China but this is a quality piece that is as good as many of the hard rubber tenor mouthpieces that I have had through here. I can't speak for the quality control until more people have these in their hands but the sample I have here is outstanding. To be honest, I played this mouthpiece a ton as well as the V7 model which is the next review. I probably play 50 standards on this over the last week and was really diggin the sound coming out of my horn."

Please feel free to listen Steve's clip at

Anyone who have interest to review this model, are welcome to participate our Kanee pass around hold at, and you can find more reviews made by SOTWers already here.

[email protected]
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