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Kaces alto lightweight polyfoam case

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Does anybody know this case? The tipe of the internal padding, if it fits well an alto sax (without movements of the instrument) and the quality of its construction as well as the weight?


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I'm interested to learn more about this case, too.

Tim Wolfe
I think I had something similar a few years ago. It was VERY light weight. The case I had was in between a gig bag and a protec case in terms of protecting the instrument. You wouldn't stack anything on top of the case in the car or the closet. Nice for occasional use, but I'm sticking with heavy cases for protecting the instrument.
I received this case about a week ago.

I am positively impressed with it. It is much lighter than my ProTec (the rectangular model) and seems quite sturdy.

The sides are firm and protective. The outside pockets are pretty roomy.

I'm using it for my YAS 62, which fits perfectly.

The price as about $75 or $80 as I recall.

I'd give it 4 stars, easy.

Tim Wolfe
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I was eyeing those. Is it just hard foam with a nylon covering like the Gator GL?
What's the inside like, a BAM or a Protec or something else? Could you post pictures of it and how your horn fits? Is there any movement of the sax inside the case?
Isn't polyfoam the stuff they pack your TV or stereo in? If it is, that doesn't seem too protective to me.
TVs and stereos tend to be rather fragile, and they seem to ship without problems. Maybe saxes cases should be made from fitted styrofoam and cardboard. :twisted:
I have a Kaces for my cheap 'take it anywhere' flute. Seems fine, has been thrown around a lot
I'll try to take some decent pics and post them in the next day or two.

The interior is like a ProTec rather than a Bam case.

My YAS-62 fits perfectly with no movement.

The sides seem firm and protective, much more than a gig bag.

For everyday use (i.e., going to and from gigs), this seems like a good case.

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I just looked at these within the past couple of weeks. 2 shops in our town carry them, and sales people in both stores told me they're made by Pro Tec, but it's a cheaper line.

They fit my YAS-61 very well, but alas, no fit for my H. Couf.

Both shops said they're pretty good cases and they've sold a bunch of them to students because of the price point.
Well, I bought a Kaces case a few weeks ago and I sold it. Nice and protective interior but to big for my back when travelling by bike. I bought a bags instead. It does the job perfectly, more comfortable than the kaces.
I went ahead and bought one for my new (to me) tenor. Here's a little "review"/my $.02.

Appearance:My initial impression wasn't great. To looks like a standard soft sided case. It does look well made though.

Fit: It holds the instrument snugly. This case is equally suited for instruments with left or right side bell keys. I'm happy with the padding.

Construction: After unzipping the case, checking it out, and hitting it a few times...I was satisfied that it would be rugged enough. As they say on the website...the zipper is of luggage quality, so I'm confident that won't be an issue.

Features: There's just space for a sax and the neck. There's no additional storage inside the case (i.e. for a mouthpiece). There is a zippered compartment for accessories though. It's divided up well with a spot wide enough for a mouthpiece, a smaller section for reeds, etc.
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Thought I'd go ahead and post an update, as it's gotten some use and had a couple run-ins with the kids. I'm still happy with the case. My daughter got a hold of the case one day (with the horn inside) and dropped it a couple feet. No damage/disturbance to the horn. For the money, I think it's a good value.
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