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Just want some information on this martin handcraft stencil I bought

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I just bought a horn off ebay. It says it's a martin handcraft stencil harmony with a serial # of 1915 lp. I haven't played in a few years and I miss playing so I bought this one because I liked it and it looks like something that wont take much work and time. I'm only playing for my own pleasure at home. Can someone take a look and tell me what they think of this horn?

i tried to include the link from ebay, if it doesnt work then i have pics i can email:if you copy & paste, it will take you the listing.
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i'll be receiving my sax in the next week or so, i spoke to the seller directly and he said i may have to adjust the pads but it is in almost ready to play condition. thank you for replying
i've only played on selmer's and from what i've been reading it seems like this is going to be something i'm going to like....about the mpc, i've been reading something about mpc with a "large open chamber" should be used on old sax's like these....can you tell me what is meant by that???
thank you for the information.....I can't wait to see what she plays like....
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