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I'm in the first week of my new Barone ownership. I got the silver vintage alto and I'm way happy with the big sound from a solid feeling horn. The finish is like lookin' in a jewelry case and I'll be playing instead of polishing because the horn is lacquered. Sweet!

I'll have more comments later about the horn's performance but for now, I just wanted to give kudos to Phil. His dedication to his business and his customers is legendary here and well deserved. I have read numerous posts regarding his service and willingness to promote better playing through education and my experience with him confirms that.

We communicated via email and phone and I always had a sense that his time was my time. I never felt like I was an intrusion. I live on the "left coast" and once we were still talking until midnight NY time. Phil offered advice on his horns, his mouthpieces and playing in general as well as colorful stories about the business of music. My 43 years in the music biz tell me Phil's the real deal.

I offer this impression as proof of concept that, despite this country's corporate meltdowns and bank rip-offs, the small business entrepreneur with customer focus is alive and well in Phil Barone.

Thanks, Phil. Got my grin on! :mrgreen:

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