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Just me playing some honking slow blues...

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If anybody cares, there is a new video of me up on youtube playing some honking slow blues with my native band.

I hope you enjoy.
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Nice blowing, Man! You must still be pinching yourself to have found an old Dukoff that worked to begin with and then having Brian Powell make it great.
I like the way you woke the elderly with the high note. Good effect.
martysax said:
I like the way you woke the elderly with the high note. Good effect.
i was about to mention that gary ;)
Very, very nice playing by you, man. Impressive. I particularly liked the bit where the lady with the zimmer frame threw her bra at the stage (just messing).

Seriously: great stuff. :)
dude, that was GREAT!!! I really enjoyed it.
Beautiful, man. That's how it's done. Too bad the lights are up so high, playing like that deserves a more appropriate setting, like sitting in a smoky room with a shot of rotgut and stale beer.
isn't it fun

to just honk and wail them good old blues. It's expression!
Very nice!

I never know what to play over that "Stormy Monday" substitution. Do you listen to Maxwell Davis much?

I love these guitar players who get so deep into T-bone Walker that you think they're never going to get out! If he doesn't have it already, you should get him that Duke Robillard/Ronnie Earl cd (The Duke meets the Earl): pure heaven for the Tbone enthusiast.

I LOVE Maxwell Davis! To misquote somebody, I've copied more of his stuff than I've forgotten! :) Thank you guys for the comments - it was a fun festival to play and I'm glad you guys dig it.

Bob, Brian did incredible work. Whenever I tell somebody what I play, they sort of get confused about how such a piece could work with this type of music. But it has that huge low end and it is effortless in the altissimo. I was really happy how the whole show turned out!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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