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My first time xd, it's an Antigua 586 model, I got a Yani mp and a box of Vandorens...

Just a few questions:
-Can I cut some off a sax rubber mp pad to make one for the Soprano? I'm afraid to leave bite marks (seeing as I *might* return it) and have been known to have not the best embouchure, especially on instruments that are new to me <_<;;
-The palm key notes are getting really irritating-do they get better with practice? I'm already starting to land a D/Eb here and there, but it's worse than alto altissimo. (If this is a brand-specific question, don't answer <_<;;)
-Aside from the obvious key differences or the horrible transposition, is there anything wrong with playing my alto music on the soprano?
-With the chance I have of returning it still, should I go ahead and break in the cork a bit so the mouthpieces can move?

Thankfully, that's all for now, but I'll be back if I missed anything xD

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yes, you can and should customise an alto pad to use it on soprano, or go buy a soprano pad ;)

the palm key notes are down to embouchure probably, so every 3 or 4 days of doing long tones up to top C#, try and get D, if you can, do long tones up to D from then on, then try e flat, then e natural, then f etc.

and there is nothing wrong with playing alto music on soprano,
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