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For the last couple of days, I was really worried that the horn would not be set up right and based on what I've since read about the problems of getting the horn to seat correctly and I was worried I'd never get the sax to play.
I found out from the seller yesterday that he purchased the horn from Gayle at Vintage Sax two or three years ago.

I got the sax today and the horn plays great from low Bflat all the way up to high F. The pads look fresh with dome resinators and are sealing perfectly. I guess that Gayle set up the horn.

The sax has a small dent next to the neck strap clip and the plastic is a bit dirty in places but overall the horn is in excelllent condition with no obvious cracks in the plastic or guards. On very careful examination, after looking at it for about an hour, I noticed a very small cracks one one or two of the plastic guards that are attach to the horn with screws. Also, after reading an article by a repairman who said he has only seen one Grafton that has not had the plastic piece connecting the bell to the body glued, I checked and noticed that that piece was also glued on mine but probably would not have noticed if I did not read the article. The horn was not mint but was in very good condition I would say. The fact that the horn is in such good playing condition makes up for the small cosmetic problems.

Anyway, the sound on the horn was very similar to my Big-B alto. I was actually a bit disappointed that the sound wasn't a bit crazier or different but I'll have to play it with an audience to tell for sure. The horn was very easy blowing and had good volume.
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