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just a little help with setting up my horn.

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Alright now i have a cannonball big bell raven tenor. I prefer to use this plastic one that came with it because it just has a better sound then this meyer i have. I use zz's and v16 and they are size 3. I use the normal ligature. What mouthpiece setup would you reccomend better then this for my horn? (it can be any mouthpiece, ligature and reed. Just so you know)
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by the way, im looking for a jazz sound,so...just ask yourself...wwagjpp(whatwould a great jazz player pick?)
Clarinetdude108 said:
man that plastic mouthpiece that came with one of our school cannonballs... i think its labeled a cannonball 5* or something like that... i dont like it. and ill leave it at that. I cant wait to get a new piece.
For a plastic mouthpiece, its a rather nice one. Most plastic ones suck, but this is actually a nice one. I was surprised myself about how well it compared to a few other mouthpieces.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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