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just a little help with setting up my horn.

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Alright now i have a cannonball big bell raven tenor. I prefer to use this plastic one that came with it because it just has a better sound then this meyer i have. I use zz's and v16 and they are size 3. I use the normal ligature. What mouthpiece setup would you reccomend better then this for my horn? (it can be any mouthpiece, ligature and reed. Just so you know)
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DIFFERENTsax mouthpiece Sounds......

Do you want a Rock sax sound? Metal Dukoff D-8
Do you want a smooth jazz sound? jODY jAZZ metal
Be-bop sound? Berg Larsen, Otto Link metal, Selmer Soloist short shank
Classical sound? Caravan, Rascher,Conn
WEST COAST, Getz, Lester Young, Cool Jazz sound? Hard Rubber Link or NY Meyer, Morgan Jazz, M. C. Gregory, Kessler, HR Barone, RPC
Do you want a country sound? Metal Brilhart(Like Boots)
Do you want to sound loud? Ruynon spoiler
or soft? Morgan 2C
Bright? Guardala Super King
dark? Conn Eagle, Buescher, Pensil-Mueller
Do you want to sound like a 7th grader? Selmer S-80
Free jazz player? Brilhart Leval air, Claude Lakey
Classical guy trying to play jazz,? Roussou JDX
Jazz guy trying to play Classical,? HR otto link 6*
Retro, NEO, Jazz, Junkie,? White Brilhart Tonalin
Total Beginner? Yamaha Plastic, or no name chinese plastic
Sanborn, or Dave Koz,? Dukoff or metal Yanagisawa
Heavy Metal,? Strathon Adjustone
Polka Band, circus band? Metal Meyer
Military Band? Vandoren T-55
Blues Jam Guy? Bronze Berg Larsen 130/0
Coltrane Freak? Florida Otto Link Super Tone master 6*
If you can think of any more sounds? let us know!!!!
Just added....
Marching band sound?... Selmer S-90, Vandoren Jumbo Java
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