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Jupiter 787 Tenor Sax, ugly as all heck - but a good player on the cheap

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This ad supercedes the previous listing for this horn, as I acquired an original Jupiter neck so am now pairing that with this 787 (previous ad had a Chinese replacement neck).

Just finishing up a Jupiter 787 Tenor sax here.

While not a pretty horn, original lacq perhaps 60% and she has a lot of scratches and spotting, she has been given the whole nine yards - chem bath, hand polish, bodywork, hole leveling, rod cleaning, swedging, lubing, regulating - and is in good shape and ready to play.

Around 40% of the pads are new, the rest are still in good shape with a lotta life left in 'em.

As noted before, this horn arrived neckless ...and although initially it paired well with a generic neck we had here, we have since managed to scare up an original Jupe nck for it.
Neck had some dents which we took care of, some minor dings remain on it, some lacq was lost there during dent removal - but mechanics are all working finre and neck tube is in proper geometry.

Intonation is good up and down the horn, and it blows freely. Horn plays nicely, ergos are good, keywork and rollers free and snappy.

Perhaps a good choice if you are looking for a bar horn on the cheap, or if you know of a student on a very tight budget who needs a solid, reliable tenor.

$289 plus ship Paypal, postal MO, bank cashier check. I can give you a price break if you pay via Paypal F&F.

I can either include a used Selmer "Sax Pac" case, which if you are familiar with them, is really just a molded plastic case with no sort of padding inside; with horn well-protected by packing material inside the case....or I can send it sans the Sax Pac and I will knock off $20.

As always, shipping from NM.


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Time to move this puppy, people. Plays fine, just not a looker.

$266 Paypal. $235 Paypal F&F. Plus ship.
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