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Joy Key, AUTOMATIC condensation draining valve

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I have spoken about this before but I thought of making a thread for this. Home - Automatic Water Drainage

It costs very little and you also have the possibility to add a receptacle to discretely collect the condensation without necessarily see it dripping from your horn

Few years ago I saw this new automatic valve in Frankfurt , originally thought to equip brass instruments can be used to fit a baritone sax. The valve doesn't require being opened and close to drain condensation.

The second video shows installing on a Baritone saxophone

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The two videos do not explain the operation. Is it just a porous piece that allows water to drip as it collects?

Seems like a bad idea to me. At any price. Maybe it is something different.
Yeah, I found it. It just pisses whenever it feels like it. Curious piece of kit.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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