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Joy Key, AUTOMATIC condensation draining valve

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I have spoken about this before but I thought of making a thread for this. Home - Automatic Water Drainage

It costs very little and you also have the possibility to add a receptacle to discretely collect the condensation without necessarily see it dripping from your horn

Few years ago I saw this new automatic valve in Frankfurt , originally thought to equip brass instruments can be used to fit a baritone sax. The valve doesn't require being opened and close to drain condensation.

The second video shows installing on a Baritone saxophone

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To be honest, on a baritone sax, this seems to me like a solution looking for a problem ;-)
Ok, the way it works is a bit clearer for me now (and clever indeed). But from my experience playing bari, there isn't an issue really. In practice, there are enough opportunities (little pauses and breaks) to let out the water from the crook. And you would need impressive amounts of condensation to make that crook gurgle anyway. Moisture collecting on the reed or in the mouthpiece would be much more of an issue really.
nevertheless, I think that , especially if you are playing in the cold, an automatic key will be beneficial and the price is really low.
But who wants to play in the cold!? :unsure:

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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