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Joy Key, AUTOMATIC condensation draining valve

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I have spoken about this before but I thought of making a thread for this. Home - Automatic Water Drainage

It costs very little and you also have the possibility to add a receptacle to discretely collect the condensation without necessarily see it dripping from your horn

Few years ago I saw this new automatic valve in Frankfurt , originally thought to equip brass instruments can be used to fit a baritone sax. The valve doesn't require being opened and close to drain condensation.

The second video shows installing on a Baritone saxophone

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you can find more information in the page (I gave the link in the first post , this forum transforms links into " titles" containing hyperlinks automatically now)

and here you can find the brochure ( what follows here is the link)

If water passes through the JoyKey, how can it possibly be airtight?
No, science and a high-tec solution.
The high-tec WaterWick庐 metal filter is engineered to allow water to pass through but keep the tubing airtight under playing conditions. It also exploits the physics of water surface tension. A thin but sturdy film of water reliably seals the tubing against the air pressures that occur when playing.
In theory it is still possible to force air through the WaterWick, but it requires deliberate effort that is way outside of the playing situation....."
in order to collect discretely the condensation there is a small receptacle in a shape of a ball to squeeze out the condensation every so often, should you mind the occasion droplet seeping through


I saw this in operation in Frankfurt at the messe a few years ago and back then I thought (and still think) this was pure genius

also installed on bass clarinet

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nevertheless, I think that , especially if you are playing in the cold, an automatic key will be beneficial and the price is really low.
true ;) , in the Netherlands marching bands ( the remaining ones we just lost the local one Tata Steel Harmonie) are certainly not allowed out now but there may be some places where they are still playing

Johan, you show as residing in the UK???
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