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José Lima

I know you may only recognize him as a pitcher, but I had the pleasure to share the stage with Jose Lima back in 2004 -- immediately after he had pitched the NLDS game. He had his own merengue band in the Dominican Republic, and he actually could sing. His enthusiastic and energetic style probably would have gained him a following even if he didn't have a great voice.

Our band was at the Conga Room that night (back when it was still on Wilshire, in the Miracle Mile area), and he just showed up unannounced. Between the first and second set, someone in his entourage asked if he could come up and sing a few songs, and gave us a list of about twelve songs he was prepared to do. We knew two of them, so those were what he did. I personally thanked him for giving us Dodger fans something to cheer about that post-season. It was about the only thing that went right. I met his wife as well, as she was chilling in the green room, but I had no idea who she was or why she was there until later. This was not long before they separated -- I believe the herpes scandal had already started but had not yet reached the media, but I'm pretty sure the mistress dragging him into court played a large role in the separation and divorce.

Sadly, nobody knew that this would be his last season at that level -- he never really pitched at Major League caliber again.
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