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Jonathan Rowden Group - Ruins of Numenor (nerd jazz to the max)

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Any of you who get the Númenor reference have my respect :)

Please check out this new video we just released on YouTube. The song is entitled The Ruins of Númenor, and features piano, rhodes, soprano sax, drums, and bass. Funny story, I bought this soprano from my friend Bob Sheppard - it's the soprano he's played for the past 30 years! Including that great Bob Curnow Big Band-plays-Pat Metheny album.

Jonathan Rowden Group is about to record our second album - this song will be on the record! Hope you like it, and please leave comments etc. - we all love hearing from you guys.

(watch in in YOUTUBE here to help us clock views!)
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Beautiful. Always a pleasure to hear masterful musicianship. It was great to listen to, I envy you for the privilege of being part of such great sound. Thanks for sharing!

Such music surely reveals you as descendants of The Faithful! :)
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