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Jon was a beautiful soul.

He worked on a couple of my pieces a few years ago. His craftsmanship and service are impeccable. You have to see and play his work to appreciate how good he is.

His talent and highest business ethics are not what made him a beautiful soul, however. It was the fact that you could talk to him for the first time via e-mail, and he could make you feel like his long lost best friend. Someone once said that you don't always remember what someone says to you, but you do remember how they make you feel. You always felt good after talking to Jon - that's the way he was.

I remember talking to him once (through this forum) about how bummed he was because his evil, vindictive neighbor had done some terrible things to his cat (I believe the cat died). Jon was not bitter towards his neighbor, but rather pittied him for being such a sad soul that he would treat an animal that way.

I remember the e-mail I got from him after I bragged proudly on this forum that my son was born on Coltrane's birthday - he was as excited as I was!

The Lord seems to take the good ones early.

Rest in Peace Jon - I hear there are no bad reeds in heaven!
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