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He was a real gentleman and an artist. Its hard to fathon the way life works sometimes. I guess we now know why he didn't want to bother with chemo, it must have been so advanced that it wasn't worth ruining his last few months.
I play on a Link that Jon did his magic to. The very day I got it in the mail I was comparing it to another Link and dropped Jon's tip first on a piano bench. Bent the hell out of it. I was so depressed.
I sent Jon the pictures and got an excited email back from him. "Wow! Those are the best photos of tip damage I've ever seen. I'll repair it for free if I can use your before and after pics on the web site!" Amazingly, it played even better after it came back the second time.
He really cared about every mouthpiece and player he worked on no matter who you were, and always took the time to answer questions in great detail.
I wonder about his family and whether they are in financial need right now. Would it be possible to take up a collection through SOTW? Maybe that's a question for Harry.
Anybody have thoughts about how that could be done?
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