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saxtek said:
For GREAT Rock & Roll tenor, check out Jon Smith

For Soprillo, Tubax, Bass sax, etc., check out MYSPACE

Thanks for that !!!

Jon is a fantastic player whos to overlooked in the r&r scene and r&b- by folks. Hew is one bad hombre!!
I always loved his sound/ the way he played and also what he played.
There is a solo on Rascals - "Peaceful World" (LP), 1970 [Columbia Records]
on " Love Letter" that just is a knock out tenor solo. Between his solo and Felix vocal that tune shoulda been a top40 instant hit; it had everything. The musicality and grit were amazing, still 37 YEARS LATER it stiill kicks it.
THANKS- Its a great website and a great thing someone is aware of his greatness.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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