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Join me for the premiere of the 5 weeks summer saxophone challenge tomorrow morning. (Link below)

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Join the premiere here >>

Dear saxophone friends,

I'm very fortunate and happy that so many of you keep emailing me and letting me know your amazing progress and your stories and experiences with learning the saxophone. Let's have some fun together this summer and up our playing level together shall we?

Tomorrow morning I'm kicking of the 5 weeks summer saxophone challenge. I'm going to tell you the absolute best (in my experience) songs to get started playing the saxophone in public (with a band, at a local session or open mic event) and over the next five weeks we are going to learn 1 song a week, pushing our saxophone skills to the next level and hopefully getting you up on stage somewhere for the first time, or (if you're already on stage playing) broadening your repertoire with five amazing songs for playing in public!

The first video premieres tomorrow morning at 9:00 EST. You can already join the chat using the link above, if you hit the bell you will get a notification as soon as the premiere goes live tomorrow morning.

Hope you'll join me tomorrow and over the next 5 weeks for this fun summer saxophone challenge. Also feel free to invite others to join (even on other instruments) as that can only increase the fun!

Warm regards,

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