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Johnny Hodges and Gerry Mulligan solos transcription on "Bunny"

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Hodges and Mulligan are two of my favourite players.
They had a great taste, sound a relaxed classy approach.
As a baritone player Mulligan (and Chaloff) is a big influence soundwise.
I have always liked the baritone as a cavernous woody voice rather than a bright harsh sound we often hear in these days.
Hodges and Mulligan played the first and the second solo here on "Bunny", I have played both solos on my 12m Conn baritone sax.
Hope you enjoy!

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Nice Stuff! I love transcribing. Just finishing up a Sonny Rollins solo that I'm going to try and record and post soon.
@Sandster thank You!

Oh yes! Which tune are you transcribing from Rollins? I'm looking forward to listening to it
The first 3 minutes of the Medley from the album Rollins Plays for Bird. That part of the Medley is I'll Remember You. He does it in concert G.

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