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John Frazier - JFM Woodwind Repair: Tech Evaluation

Recently, John Frazier (SOTW member, HoneyJ) offered free saxophone repair services to SOTW members to help kickoff his new business, JFM Woodwind Repair. Here is a link to that thread:!

I sent John a 1966 Conn Director alto that I saved from the being thrown away during a high school band hall clean-out back in 1982. This horn had rotten pads, was very dusty and had literally been hanging on the wall since 1998. Along with the sax, I sent a package of generic black leather pads w/metal resonators and a stick of black pad shellac.

John found that many of the pads I sent would not fit. So he ordered black Saxgourmet Roopads to match them. John also replaced the corks and appeared to have made several improvements including what appears to be rubber heat shrink tubing to quiet down some of the clunky keywork for the side keys and octave mechanism. There's also indications that John trued up some of the out-of-round tone hole chimneys and then ground them all flat on top for a good seal with the pads. The rods are all tight without any extra play, but the action is very quick. It appears he did a great job putting the right amount of tension on the original and somewhat thin stainless springs.

The horn now plays perfectly. Low Bb is clean and easy to blow. Palm key notes voice well and are fairly easy to keep in tune. Pad heights seem to have been well adjusted to promote better intonation. To be exact, this sax now plays better in tune than it ever did.

Also, John sent email updates letting me know when he got the sax and how the work was going. To me, this is very important when I send a sax out-of-area for repair. And John seems to handle the communication piece well.

I’m very happy was John’s work. And based on this job, I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing this kind of repair service.

Here's a link to the JFM Woodwind Repair website:!__jfmrepair

And here are photos of the sax:

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