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I did a search for Joe McQueen in SOTW and came up with no results. That is going to be remedied right now.

Joe is one of Utah's unique treasures. He and his wife came to Ogden Utah in 1945 when the band he was playing in was on tour. The band leader gambled away all of the groups earnings causing the group to disband. Joe started a new band he and his wife Thelma decided to make Ogden Utah their new home. Joe McQueen What is remarkable about Joe is the number of groups he has sat in with over the years and the fact that he turned 99 years old this May and he is still performing concerts with his quartet around Utah.

I first became acquainted with Joe in the 1970's when I had a gig in a singles bar in Ogden three nights a week with the Steve Call Quartet. (the Jazz for Cows guy :)) Some nights Joe would walk in carrying his tenor and I would just put my sax down and listen as he sat in with the band. What an amazing player and incredible human being. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Joe didn't sound like anyone else but Joe back then. He had his own unique sound and style and really got the "joint a-jumpin'" when he go on the band stand. Of course his playing now is a bit "rough around the edges", but he is 99 years old and still plays his *** off every time I get to hear him. Check out a few of the links below. You'll be glad you did.

Joe McQueen Quartet

Legendary Joe McQueen

Utah jazz legend still playing after 99 years
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