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Joe Lovano's Playing a Selmer!

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Check out this video on youtube. It's pretty clear that Joe Lovano is play a BA or SBA. What happened to the Borgani??
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And an SBA with an Emilio job. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe he'll be switchin' to a Gloger soon. I believe the press pick (him standing next to Hank on the piano) is with the Borgani.
I saw him 4/26 in cleveland. he was playing the borgani then and the aulochrome (yikes!) I suppose he's got a couple dozen horns and plays whatever he's in the mood for - lucky (and waaaaay bad) SOB
Umm you guys are ridiculous. These guys all have more than one horn and may use one over the other occasionally.
I guess you're right. He still sounds like Joe Lovano.
Anyway, it's a pretty well-known fact that when he's not holding up his end of the Borgani artist endorsement, he's playing his Selmer. Not exactly news.
Maybe it's his backup horn.
Hank is a GOD!!!! I really really like his playing...
bbbouklas said:
Hank is a GOD!!!! I really really like his playing...
Hank? Who's Hank?
Oh good, it's not just me having a senior moment...
Hank Jones..... the guy playing piano.
He has had that silver BA forever. It was his dad's horn. He had it silver-plated whilst working with Jim Pepper in Paul Motion's band. Pepper had a silver plated BA and Lovano dug it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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