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Anybody know if El Toro y la Catedral has been reissued anywhere on CD? Great album, I still have the LP. Seems to be influenced at least in the title track by Sketches of Spain.
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I'm suprised someone else is hip to this album too. It's been one of my favorites and I can't seem to find it on CD either. I was going to burn my own CD but my vinyl album is just about worn out. Really like "Cyclone Rider".
I looked on AOL and Napster, this recording is not offered. What became of Joe, he died when he was 49, there is little information on Wikeidia. I also searched our SOTH.
This is one that shoulud be reissued. Yeah, the album, is....well very 70's, but Joe is killing.

I love the part in the title track about 6-7 minutes in where they come to a climax with the strings and then drop straight into a funk groove which Joe blows over.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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