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JodyJazz Soprano DV 7*

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I just got JJ Soprano DV 7*.
I got high expectation on this.
However after trying various reeds brand & strength, I found no improvement in sound / free blowing stuff, etc.

Have tried Rico Select Jazz 3S unfiled , HEMKE 2.5.

Am I missing something here ? I got a feeling something is missing.

I put the ligature in various spots alongside the mouthpiece body, still no improvements.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.

I will be very sad if I have to return this back to Jody.
I make to make it works !

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If you must return it, make sure you comply with the rather strict conditions!

I hope you 'get it', though...I really like my alto DV :)
I have the DV soprano 7* too. I use Vandoren V16 3's on it. Don't give up on it to easily, it's a great piece.
Paulusi: Welcome to SOTW.

I keep writing that just because others love their Acme Special mouthpiece - you don't have to love it. In fact, not everyone plays a mouthpiece the same way nor does everyone have the same embouchure.

The JJ's are well made and many players like them. But not all, so don't feel that you are missing something (except the reality that it doesn't work for you - and probably never will). That is no slam on Jody's mouthpieces - it is just the reality of each individual embouchure.

You don't like the JJ piece? Send it back - especially if you are an experienced player. I've tried MANY different mouthpieces in my time and I can tell you within ten notes whether a piece will play for me. If not, I don't bother trying to adapt to it - what's the point? I have many others that DO play for me - much better than the one being tested (and rejected). There is no personal blame or failure if you don't like a mouthpiece. DAVE
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I have to agree with Dave. If the piece isn't floating your boat don't wait for it to sink. LOL

I know with these designer pieces many times we may "want" them to work for us. When they don't it's OK to go a different route.
Well spoken by Dave and Glen. I guess it comes down to how long you've given the piece a chance. I would think that if it's not working for you towards the end of the trial period, send it back.

My DV has temporarily been shelved in favor of a Morgan Vintage 6. Really nice piece...
It might not be for you, but if you've got the time left (Jody can be flexible if you keep him informed) I'd experiment a bit more. I got on with the Soprano DV famously to begin with, then had a spell of difficulty until I realised that, unlike with the alto and tenor DVs, for me softer reeds worked better, as they stop me having to put pressure on the reed to keep the intonation, which led to getting tired. I also moved from Alexander DCs to Superials to get a quicker response. Now I can get massive volume, a great tone, and easier access to the difficult high notes than on any other Soprano mpc. I can't imagine playing anything else.
I also have a JJdv sop 7*.. when i removed the rovner lig it gave the piece the clarity I was trying to get... Blew so much nicer... get rid of the Rov lig and put a Rico Pasticover 2.5 on it... wow what a difference... I had to make my own lig... now its a keeper.....
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