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JodyJazz HR vs. Meyer HR

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Hey. I am think of buying an alto mouthpiece thats gives a full warm jazzy sound with a little punch and is versatile hitting all the ranges. It all comes down to two. It's either gonna be the JodyJazz HR or the Meyer HR. So can anyone tell me what the difference is between the two?
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From what I've heard, with the Meyer, you'd probably have to send it to someone to get it worked on for it to be really good. After that was done, I'm really not sure which would be "better". JodyJazz makes a really good mouthpiece, but if you can get your hands on a really good Meyer you'd be doing well too.
I'm playing a JJ HR6 at the moment and I would say it's a little brighter than the Meyers I've played. It's not only good for jazz but very good for pop (think Jay Beckenstein - Spyro Gyra).

A Meyer might be a little louder in principle but with the slight added brightness of the JJ, the JJ might carry just as well.

You can't lose with either. You could probably get them both to sound similar but I think the JJ would still be a tad brighter. You can get a good stock Meyer so I wouldn't be swayed by the bad rap Babbitt products get here on SOTW. You might have to try out a handful before you find one you really like, though. OTOH, with the JJ you are relatively sure you're going to get a good one.
Going with a thicker, more classic cut reed like the Vandoren Blue Box will darken the tone on the Jody Jazz HR* mouthpieces too (both Alto and Tenor models).

I actually prefer that exact setup (for Jazz and Blues) with these MP models myself.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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